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Second horror compilation from the author of The Thorne Family Saga.

Mutiny on the Morning Glory

Life for twelve year-old Sarah Boone is perfect. Until the morning that she awakens on her family's yacht to find them all murdered and the boat quickly sinking. Deep in the middle of the Atlantic, the young girl must find a way to escape the watery grave and survive alone in the middle of the ocean, praying with merely a dim hope that she will ever be found again.


The Sigma Phi fraternity was the most exclusive on Western Washington State University's campus. Tom Bixler was dying to get in. The initiation sounded simple enough - for the pledges to face their deepest fears. The fraternity arranged to have Tom buried alive for an 30 minutes, with a two-way radio his only link to the outside world.

Except something happens. The boys don't return to unbury him when they promised to. They vanish.

As precious time ticks away and his air runs out, Tom must fight his fear and overwhelming panic to find a way out.

Tenebrous: Volume 2 - Author Signed Copy

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Brand new autographed paperback copy of Tenebrous: Volume 2 with a personal message from the author.

  • Please allow extra shipping time due to COVID-19 and shipping delays.

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