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How did Gabriel Thorne become the man that he did? What happened the day that Renate Thorne died? What is the story behind the brooch? In the follow-up novel to Fallen, Dreams of Elysium will answer the questions left unanswered.

The year is 1785 and Gabriel Thorne is a 10-year old boy. One day while playing in the attic with his brother Theo, he stumbles upon an old journal written by an uncle he never knew, chronicling one of the most mysterious families in Virginia; his family, the Thornes. After his mother’s suspicious suicide, he is eager to uncover all he can. What he discovers is a truth so twisting that it begins to unravel everything he ever believed.

Dreams of Elysium - Author Signed Copy

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Brand new autographed paperback copy of Dreams of Elysium with a personal message from the author.

  • Please allow extra shipping time due to COVID-19 and shipping delays.

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