2021 Release Dates Announced!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Lots of new releases coming out in 2021!

In addition to the release dates below, Angela will also be working on a screenplay for The Dybbuk as well as her first Opera! Check back in for more updates!

Official release dates are as follows:

Hawthorne - Thorne Family Saga Book 4: To Be Released April 2021

Dacre - Thorne Family Saga Book 5: To Be Released July 2021

Baelfire - Thorne Family Saga Book 6: To Be Released September 2021

Saul: A Rogue River Tale: To Be Released February 2021

Etienne Arscenaux: Delacroix Family Saga Book 2: TBA

Inferno: Delacroix Family Saga Book 3: TBA

Tenebrous: Volume 3: TBA

Tenebrous: Volume 4: TBA

All That Remains: TBA

What We Left Behind: TBA

Un Coeur Gothique: An Opera: TBA

Adrift - A Memoir: Release Date TBA

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